Two-Step Cybersecurity Event

The Minnesota Innovation Lab partners with the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) to bring the Two-Steps cyber security event to Minnesotans on December 9th. Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman will be there along with a panel of security leaders in Minnesota. If you would like to attend, please reserve your seat today because space is very limited. "Two Steps Ahead is solid progress towards increasing awareness among senior executives that cyber security is a front office business issue" said Gopal Khanna, President of the non-profit Minnesota Innovation Lab. "Every business is digital. Every worker is digital. Every thing is digital" added Khanna. "We need to accept this new reality and take all the steps needed to reset our modus operandi, including two factor authentication." James Ryan, a digital leadership fellow at the Minnesota Innovation Lab, said "The question is not if the password should be replaced but how fast can we do it. To make the shift many organizations must navigate decades of complexity inside their existing computer systems. And, the nascent Internet of Things (IoT) trend adds more complexity each day because it is placing billions of password protected devices onto the Internet annually."